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Snowdrop Korea Drama
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The Korean drama Snowdrop is set in the 1987 Democratic Movement, a mass protest movement with the aim of forcing the then authoritarian government in South Korea to hold fair elections. Due to protests that came from the masses, mostly students, democratic elections were held in December 1987.
Im Soo Ho is a graduate student who participated in the democracy protest. He is a man who grew up in Germany has a gentle charm, but shows an attitude of hiding secrets. He was found covered in blood by a student named Eun Young Ro.
Eun Young Ro is a lively, cheerful and playful girl who is kind enough to hide Im Soo Ho and treat his injuries. Eun Young Ro then hides Im Soo Hoo from the government in his dorm room. Eun Young Cho still insists on taking care of Im Soo Ho, even though he has to face danger under the watchful eye of Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah), a housewife who is notoriously scary in the dorm she lives in. It turns out that Im Soo Hoo fell in love with Eun Young Ro when he first met. They also live a love story in the midst of an atmosphere of state conflict which is still quite tense.